What to Wear for Your Session and Why it Matters

So many people ask the question, “What should I wear for my photography session?” Even more importantly, did you know that what you wear affects the final look and feel of your photos?

When I was growing up and we had family portraits done at the beach, the general rule was to have everyone wear a white shirt and khaki pants. Even though everyone looked crisp and clean, it was a pretty boring photo. It lacked diversity, contrast, and interest.

Featured Dresses from the Client Wardrobe by Cedar Valley Photographer, Meghan Goering Photography

When planning your session, I here are a few styling recommendations to consider:

Coordinate. Don’t match.

I recommend coordinating your outfits around what mama is wearing. For example, if her dress has pink florals on it, then maybe have your children wear different shades of the pink. You can never go wrong mixing whites and ivories. I recommend dads wear khakis (not jeans!) and a white or grey shirt.

Choose soft, neutral colors and natural textures.

If you’re considering hiring me, you’ll notice that my style is very light and features soft, feminine colors. I love the organic look of whites, ivories, beiges, blush tones, soft greys, etc. Incorporating beautiful textures like linens, lace, and knits enhances the look of the final image. I do not recommend wearing dark colors because they will negate from the light and airy look.

Think about your current home décor.

These are moments that you want to proudly display in your home. When choosing your outfit, think about the colors already in your home. Do you have more cool colors or warm colors? Think about choosing an outfit which will compliment your existing home décor wherever your photos will be displayed.

Pay attention to the details.

I recommend that women wear neutral nail polish or none at all. Bright or dark colors can create  distractions in your photos. For the men and boys, I recommend a clean haircut. While your clothes don’t have to be perfectly wrinkle free, make sure that they are clean and didn’t come from a wadded up ball in the bottom of the laundry hamper. Photoshop can work magic, but removing wrinkles doesn’t count.

Does this sound intimidating? Please know that it doesn’t have to be. When you hire me, we work together closely to plan the perfect outfits for you and your family. I’ll make sure that we choose something that feels right to you and that also fits the final look that you’ve hired me to create. While most clients choose to wear something from my client wardrobe, please know that it’s not a requirement. It’s a service I offer to you because who really has time to go shopping with little children for clothes. Not to mention, it saves you money and time, both of which I know are valuable. If you’re excited to start planning your session, contact me here.


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