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Cedar Falls Maternity, Newborn, Milestone, and Family Photographer

Specializing in maternity, newborns, milestones, and families for clients in Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and the Cedar Valley. 

Preserving your family's story, one frame at a time.

A stress-free portrait experience helping families celebrate and preserve their best moments

I never got to say goodbye. To be honest, I never thought I needed to. There’s a euphemism that plays through my brain like a broken record: This is just a season. But seasons repeat. Motherhood doesn’t repeat. 

Before you know it your newborn will no longer be a newborn. Goodbye chunky thighs and burp cloths. Your toddler will no longer be a toddler. Goodbye tiny voice and potty seat. “I do it, Mama.”Your preschooler will no longer be a preschooler. Goodbye animal crackers and broken crayons. 

Right now you have a constant shadow and long for space. All you want is to go to the bathroom with the door closed. Then suddenly, you’re alone. 

As much as we want it to, time won’t slow down. But here’s the good news (yes, there’s good news). We don’t have to say goodbye yet. 

We can live in the moment with our kiddos. 

We can be in the photos (even without makeup on!). We can remember all of the moments–minuscule and monumental–the tiny fingers under the bathroom door, cutting crusts off of almond butter and jelly sandwiches, late-night drives hoping a colicky baby finally falls asleep. 

It’s all precious, Mama. You are precious.

And I’m here to help you hold onto those memories forever.

the experience

We are here to meet your every need throughout the entire portrait process. 

From personalized styling from our client wardrobe and professional hair and makeup the day of your session to custom design services where we work together to create framed artwork for your home, your final portraits are sure to delight your family and friends every time you look at them. 

the heirlooms

Your photos weren’t meant to live on a phone or hard drive.

Tangible, printed keepsakes are the only way we can truly relive our memories. Why not be surrounded by them daily? Our goal is to make sure these fleeting moments are beautifully captured in delicate detail and hung on your walls or adorning your coffee table to be enjoyed by all who enter your home - from chubby little fingers to wrinkled, aged hands. 

Motherhood isn’t just a moment. It’s not a season. It’s our life. 

I am so honored that you would consider letting me be a part of documenting your family’s story. As a mother of three little girls, I know just how precious and fleeting these moments are and it would be my delight to serve you along the way. I’ll make sure you’ll have the most effortless portrait experience and the artwork that we design together will bring joy to you and your family for generations.

The sessions


From the first day you learned you were expecting, you and your baby have shared a special connection. Let’s capture that bond to remember forever.


There are so many tiny details to soak in during those first few days and weeks. Let’s record those details before they’re gone.


Your little ones will grow up so fast and there are so many milestones in those first years. Let’s document each and every one.


Your family is your pride and joy built on the love you share and is worth celebrating. Let’s create tangible memories of the legacy you are building.