Three Reasons You Should Take Maternity Photos

It’s hard to deny that being pregnant is special and miraculous. It doesn’t matter if you are throwing up most of the time or if you’ve been one of the few who feels great the whole time. The fact that there is a life growing inside of you is worth celebrating and remembering.

But, if you’re anything like me, it can be scary to get in front of the camera, especially when you don’t feel quite normal in your pregnant body. All these little things remind us that our body doesn’t quite look the same – you can’t reach your toes anymore, you can’t shave your legs, you need your husband’s help to put on your shoes or to take off your skinny jeans because they’re stuck around your ankles. Let’s not forget the numbers on the scale keeeeep ggoooing uppppp. These things can easily steal our joy and cause us to forget that WE are beautiful and radiant because we have a precious life growing inside of us.

Natural Light Maternity Studio Session featuring Charlotte, NC Couple by traveling Milwaukee Photographer, Meghan Goering

Here are three reasons I think every mom, whether a new mom or a second time, third time, or even 10th time mom should have maternity photos:

  1. You are creating new life and that deserves a celebration. No matter what brought you to this moment, whether it was planned, whether it was a surprise, or whether you’ve been patiently trying for 7 years, the moment has come. Maternity photos are the perfect way to commemorate this moment.
  2. Because sometimes when you’re pregnant, you need to be reminded that you are beautiful. Each dress in my exclusive wardrobe has been carefully selected to compliment anyone. Pair a beautiful dress with makeup from one of my preferred artists, and I’m confident you will embrace your inner and outer beauty.
  3. The other people in your life will feel appreciated. When we’re pregnant, it’s easy for ALL the attention to be on us. But our husbands, our other children, and our fur babies are just as important. Maternity photos are a great way for the others in your life to feel cherished and to feel like they are a significant part of the journey.

These nine months pass by so quickly and it’s easy for the memories to become hazy between pregnancy brain and newborn baby brain. Don’t let this cherished moment pass. Contact me to start planning your session today.

Husband and Wife Light and Airy Maternity Studio Photoshoot by Milwaukee Photographer, Meghan Goering Photography

Studio Rental: The Ginger Birdie in Winson-Salem, NC | Dress: Show Me Your Mumu Hacienda

  1. Julie Paup says:

    I am looking to have my daughter get some maternity pictures and newborn when she arrives. I just convinced her to do this at 36 wks pregnant. Would there be anyway to get her in? Please email or call me at 574-849-1292. Thank you!

    • 5fpfg says:

      Thank you again for your message! I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone about your needs.


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