Southern By Birth | Midwestern By Blessing

As a sophomore at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, I had just completed a final round interview with John Deere. They asked all the candidates to specify where they’d like to live, and I proudly said, “why not live in the Midwest for 3 months? This will be fun. I’ll never live there again.” To top it off, when my mom found out that I’d secured the internship with the John Deere Foundry in Waterloo, IA, she told me, “you’re going to marry some boy out there and never come home.” I promptly assured her she was wrong.

Boy did I eat my words. (1) I not only met another engineering intern, but fell in love and married him and (2) I’m living in the Midwest. Here we are at our reception. It only seemed appropriate to have a tractor since my husband and I met at John Deere, and ironically his folks did too 😀

Photo Courtesy of Griffin Gibson Photography

I learned something the summer of 2009 when I lived in Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa for 3 months while interning. I learned that I actually loved the Midwest. The people were wonderful. The country was beautiful. Sure, I missed all the trees and the southern charm, but the Midwest has its own unique charm. It’s hard to believe that it has taken us 10 years to make it back to Cedar Falls after moving to North Carolina after we got married and then to Wisconsin for the past 4 years. It feels good to be back and I cannot wait to meet new people here and to reconnect with those that I met that summer.


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