Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

The earliest days of pregnancy can feel like you’re keeping the world’s biggest, most exciting secret! Once that joyful news is ready to be shared, a creative announcement lets you shout those happy words in the most memorable way. As a Cedar Falls maternity and newborn photographer, I’ve been honored to document scores of meaningful pregnancy reveals over the years. Getting to incorporate those first delightful announcements into gorgeous bump-to-baby imagery makes each story that much more special.

Here are just a few fun ideas to inspire your pregnancy announcement – ideally, one you’ll want to highlight and display alongside your maternity portraits and newborn photos!

1. The Humble Onesie

Is there anything cuter or more symbolic than a teeny tiny onesie? It’s a simple yet adorable prop for announcing your pregnancy, whether at an in-home lifestyle pregnancy session or in your local park. Add personal touches or cute graphics to make it unique. Place it among your cozy towels and bedding for a relaxed feel, or let it shine in nature with your beautiful bump.

2. Chalkboard

Bold, classic chalkboard displays are perfect to showcase your creativity in so many fun ways. From elegant calligraphy written in swirling vines to funny one-liners, I adore styling these lovely hand-lettered boards into maternity sessions with thoughtful details and props. Whether in your home’s bright, airy photo studio or against the breathtaking backdrop of Cedar Falls’ lush landscapes, a chalkboard sign makes frameable artwork as sweet as the pregnancy news!

3. Big Sibling Sidekick

If your pregnancy marks the journey of your growing family, involve your firstborn in every joyful milestone, starting with that first announcement of your pregnancy! Plan a cozy in-studio session where they proudly wear their “Big Sibling” outfit or cuddle up to your growing bump. Let them join in as you prepare the new nursery for their baby’s arrival. There’s something so heartwarming about having your “firstborn” as it adds warmth and joy to this special announcement.

4. Food Baby Humor

Is there any confirmation more relatable than realizing your tight jeans and sudden aversions to favorite snacks mean more than a “food baby” bump? Take this awkwardly adorable moment for your announcement photos!! Share a laugh as you and your partner indulge in once-forbidden treats, surrounded by crumbs and dishes. Create a glamorous “Baby? Or Burrito?” flatlay that captures the punny joy of the occasion. Let your creativity run wild, knowing these photos will bring laughter for years.

Video Visits & Surprises

Something special about in-person reveals is capturing loved ones’ genuine reactions as they share in your joy. Whether it’s sharing ultrasound photos over video chat, surprising loved ones with thoughtful gifts that reveal the big news, or creating unexpected moments with photo albums, these gestures capture the happiness of this next chapter in your life.

Once you’ve shared your exciting news, it’s time to capture the beauty of your journey into parenthood with a maternity session. Whether it’s a cozy in-studio session or ethereal outdoor portraits, let’s create timeless artwork filled with love and hope. These memories will last a lifetime, so let’s celebrate them fully, starting from the very first announcement of your pregnancy.


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