10 Questions to Ask a Newborn Photographer in Cedar Falls

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your newborn baby’s first days is such a precious investment. Those tiny details and fleeting moments pass in the blink of an eye. As you start your search for the perfect newborn photographer in Cedar Falls, you’ll want to ask plenty of questions to find the right fit for your family’s needs and vision.

Here are 10 important questions to ask, and why each one matters, with examples of the services I offer.

Are you a legitimate, insured business?

This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many photographers operate without proper credentials. Asking about licensing and insurance ensures you are hiring a legitimate, accountable business you can truly depend on when working with your newborn.

What is included in your session fee?

Session fees can vary widely between photographers based on what is included. Are prints or digital files included? Access to props or wardrobes? Knowing exactly what your investment covers upfront prevents surprises later.

My session fee includes a pre-consultation, in-studio hair and makeup for mom, access to my props and wardrobe, the photo session itself, and professional editing of your image proofs.

What safety procedures do you have?

With newborns, safety should be the utmost priority. An experienced photographer should have extensive training in properly posing and handling babies. They should also follow strict sanitization protocols and ideally be vaccinated against illnesses.

I am First Aid certified, fully vaccinated, and rigorously sanitize my studio and props between sessions. Inquire about their specific safety practices to have confidence your baby will be in good hands.

How do you ensure availability after my baby’s birth?

Since babies come on their own schedule, you need a photographer who truly has flexibility around your due date. Especially if delivering pre-term or needing extra recovery time, this prevents scrambling to find someone available.

I specialize in newborn work and only take limited clients per month. This allows flexibility to easily accommodate early or late arrivals, and reschedule if needed as you recover from delivery.

What if my baby gets fussy or won’t sleep?

An expert newborn photographer should be able to skillfully adapt if your baby gets unsettled or refuses to sleep. Look for patience, creativity, and a focus on capturing beautiful memories no matter the baby’s mood.

I am patient and have perfected my workflow around their schedule. I aim to capture those beautiful awake moments while gently lulling babies to sleep when possible.

What is the typical session timeline?

Newborn sessions simply take time to get right and keep everyone relaxed. A too-rushed timeline increases fussiness. Understanding typical time commitments upfront is important.

My sessions are typically 2-3 hours long, allowing flexibility rather than feeling rushed.

Can siblings and parents be incorporated?

You’ll want those first moments captured of your newest addition joining the rest of the family. Professional photographers can beautifully and seamlessly incorporate siblings and parents.

All my newborn sessions are designed to capture both the new baby alone and special moments together with your whole family.

What type of preparation is needed?

A good photographer should guide how to properly prepare – everything from what to wear to timing feedings. This ensures your session goes smoothly from start to finish.

I provide all clients with extensive prep guides and do a pre-session consultation call. This allows me to understand your specific vision so I can customize everything from styling to posing. My goal is to make this an effortless, stress-free experience for you!

What happens after the session?

Inquire about the photographer’s ordering process for prints and products after your session. This is also a chance to understand their editing process to guarantee high-quality finished images.

After a photo session with me, we schedule an in-person viewing and ordering appointment. This allows you to see your beautiful proofed images for the first time and then select your favorite pieces for print and product purchases.

What are your credentials and experience?

Safely posing and exquisitely capturing newborns is truly an art and skill. You want extensive newborn-specific training and experience giving you confidence in their expertise.

I, myself, have trained extensively on newborn posing safety and workflow. With over 5 years of specializing in this work, you can trust me to expertly capture your new baby’s details.

The first weeks of your baby’s life are indescribably fleeting and special. By taking the time to thoroughly vet potential photographers, you ensure those irreplaceable moments are forever preserved with stunning artistry and professionalism. If you have any other questions, I’m here to discuss how we can capture this transformative time for your family.


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