Best Newborn Swaddles

As a new parent, you are all in for amazing but exhausting times! Those first few weeks are a crazy mix of pure joy and feeling like a zombie. Your sweet babe seems to only sleep for cat naps during the day but then goes wild at night.

The constant walking, rocking, shushing, and praying for the baby to sleep gets old fast. That’s where swaddles come in – they’re little miracle workers!

What’s So Great About Swaddles?

Swaddle blankets mimic the cozy womb to soothe fussy babies. The gentle hugging pressure and warmth helps lull them into longer stretches of sleep. It’s like giving a constant baby embrace.

As an extremely tired new mom, I was willing to try anything to get my daughter sleeping better. After lots of research and mom friend recommendations, I found three standout swaddles that seriously saved my sanity.

The Swaddle Saviors

1. Halo SleepSack Swaddles – Minnie Fun, DISNEY 100% COTTON SWADDLE

These adjustable swaddles let you wrap the baby with arms in, hands-to-face, or one/both arms out. The unique design stops those startling motions that can wake babies. Yet you can still do easy diaper changes! These soft, cute swaddles feature fun Minnie Mouse prints. No wonder they’re a top hospital pick. We’ve used these swaddles for 3 out of our 4 babies, and I keep coming back to using them. I find that you can get the tightest swaddle with the fleece material. Otherwise, our baby still sometimes works her hands up to her face with the cotton one.

2. Nested Bean Zen Swaddles – Zen Swaddle Classic

Want to mimic your own soothing touch? The Zen Swaddle Classic has lightly weighted pads to make the baby feel embraced. It’s like a weighted blanket built into a sleep sack. The simple, winged design makes swaddling easy. And it transitions well to the Zen sleep sack for arm freedom later on. The Zen One allows babies to have their arms up in what our family called the “chicken wing” position. This was perfect for our third child because she wanted to have her hands close to her face for soothing, but yet it stopped the startle reflex from waking her.

3. Dreamland Baby – Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle

This one uses special weighted technology to evenly distribute calming pressure head-to-toe. The built-in swaddle band adjusts for arms in, one arm out, or both arms out as needed. Designed with pediatric experts, it’s like a constant, gentle hug.

These smart swaddles are all made from super soft, breathable cotton. As a bonus, they allow for healthy hip development. And even a completely exhausted parent can put them on easily – trust me, that’s the key! We haven’t tried this one personally, but it came highly recommended by one of our hair and makeup artist team members.

Making It Through Those Newborn Days

The first couple months of parenthood will push you to your limits, no doubt about it. But having some excellent swaddles in your stash is a total lifesaver. In fact, the newborn sleep guide Moms on Call says a good swaddle is critical for helping your baby sleep. Your baby will still wake for feedings and diaper changes, yeah. But getting them back to lala land is so much easier when they feel cuddled in cozy, womb-like bliss.

Swaddles are like baby whisperers and gems for catching Zzzs. I don’t know how I would’ve survived those early newborn days without them. Do grab a few different swaddles before that precious bundle arrives. With swaddles on your side, restful nights for the whole family are finally in sight!

Swaddling Dos and Don’ts

Swaddling is an ancient practice, but there’s still a right and wrong way to do it. Check out these trusted resources for recommendations on safe swaddling:

Tips for Safe Swaddling by Halo Sleepsacks

How to Safely Swaddle a Baby by UCHealth Children’s Hospital

When in doubt, ask your pediatrician or childbirth educator for guidance on safe swaddling. With a little know-how, you’ll be a pro in no time!

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