Why Should You Consider Hiring Patterson Construction & Design for your Next Custom Remodel?

I’m a professional photographer who has had the opportunity to work with many different contractors and designers over the years for my home renovations as well as capturing the results of their work for clients. One company that stands out is Patterson Construction & Design. After extensive experience working with them during my parent’s AirBnB remodel, I wanted to share my perspective on why you should seriously consider hiring them for your next custom home remodel or renovation project.

The first thing that makes Patterson Construction & Design truly special is their dynamic duo approach – Luke handles the construction side as the contractor, while his wife Katie is the brilliant interior designer. In my opinion, having Katie’s design expertise integrated into the process from the beginning is one of their biggest strengths. Too often, builders focus solely on the construction aspect without considering the design implications until it’s too late. With Katie involved, you get someone who can think holistically about both functional needs and aesthetics to create a beautiful, cohesive final result.

Design Expertise

Katie has an incredible eye for design and understands how to make spaces not only look amazing but also work amazingly for the home’s inhabitants. She can advise on everything from paint colors and materials to space planning and layout – things most builders simply don’t have the training for. Whether you want help making all those little design decisions or need someone to take the full creative lead, having Katie’s talents as part of the Patterson team is invaluable.

The second reason Patterson Construction stands out is its incredible experience across all types of projects big and small. They have worked on everything from custom wine cellars and garage remodels to full historic home renovations and massive new additions. No job is too small or too complex for their skilled team to take on.

Broad Experience

I’ve seen the results of their broad experience firsthand both through photographing their work and my parent’s historic home renovation with them. For example, they designed the kitchen space, their suggestions around updated layouts, modern fixtures, and finishing touches were spot on and transformed the space. And their advice wasn’t just about aesthetics – they also optimized the design for how my parents and renters would use the kitchen.

The third reason to go with Patterson Construction & Design is that they are a small, local family business that is deeply embedded in the Cedar Valley community. As a small business owner myself, I love supporting companies like theirs that are truly invested in making our community better. Katie and Luke both grew up here and their business exists to serve the families and homes of the area they love.

Local Small Business

Plus, their small business size means you get a much more personalized experience working with them compared to a large corporate contractor. All of their projects get a hands-on, detail-oriented approach from Luke and Katie themselves rather than being passed off to rotating crews of subcontractors.

Finally, the process Patterson Construction follows is fantastic for ensuring your project goes smoothly from initial design through final execution. Their approach keeps you involved every step of the way with open communication and no surprise costs. After an initial meeting to scope out the project and your needs, they create detailed designs, timelines, and estimates signed off by you before any work begins. Then during the construction phase, they continue checking in to make sure everything is going according to the agreed-upon plan.

Smooth Process

I’ve been through enough home renovations to know how valuable a systematic, transparent process like theirs is. With Patterson Construction & Design, you never have to wonder what is happening next or worry about costs ballooning out of control halfway through. They make it a point to minimize stressful surprises.

So, if you have an upcoming renovation in mind, I cannot recommend Patterson Construction & Design enough. Their design expertise, proven experience, community roots, and diligent process make them an outstanding choice for any custom home project in the Cedar Valley area. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to see some of their work through my photography lens!


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