Cedar Falls Child Photographer | Mary Grace’s 5 Year Portraits

Have you ever asked yourself this question, “What is the purpose and meaning behind a photoshoot?” 

When I get on the phone with a potential client, one of the first things I ask them is, “Why is this moment important to you?” 
You see, I believe that we are creating and capturing these moments together for a purpose. Instead of just grabbing a quick family photo to update the Christmas card, I believe we are preserving your memories for you and for generations to come. 
Collage of 5 Year Old Girl taking Milestone Portraits in Studio with one standing and one sitting on a white settee wearing a hand made velvet dress with smocking.
For example, this sweet girl turned 5 a few weeks ago. The dress that she is wearing is the dress my mother had made for me when I turned 5 years old. The bench that she is sitting on is a family heirloom from the late 1800s that we had reupholstered. My mom had pictures made of me in this dress and turned that picture into a beautiful, hand painted canvas that hangs above my parents mantel in their living room. 
Collage of 5 Year Old Girl having her milestone photos done with one standing and one with hand folded under her chin
You see, this isn’t just a picture. It is a moment – a moment that honors my mother, a moment that honors me, and a moment that celebrates our daughter. This morning we curled her and put on just enough makeup.
Collage of 5 year old girl getting her milestone photos taken with one profile photo and one of her sitting on a white velvet settee
You know what she told me afterward when I asked her how this made her feel? 
When you take pictures of your children, you are telling them THEY ARE SPECIAL.
This is why our sessions together are two fold:
1. They help us remember a moment we never want to forget.
2. They celebrate the individuals who make that moment dear.  
So what moment or memory can I help you and your family preserve? Contact me here to learn more about planning your next session 


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