5 Must Have Tips for Decorating for the Holidays

Today is Small Business Saturday and I wanted to spotlight one of my friend’s who has the cutest little shop in Downtown Cedar Falls, IA.  

Kassidy is the owner of Lotus and Lou and I was drawn to her beautiful pictures and eye for design. Even though I can design wall galleries for my clients day after day, I have NOT been gifted with creating spaces that come together. Kassidy is that girl!

Picture of Cedar Falls Retail Shop Lotus and Lou Decorated for Christmas with Advent Calendar and more

She has many talents, and one of them is hand lettering! Come on, who loves a good hand lettered piece? I definitely do and cannot wait for her to create a 16×20 of the Bible verse Hebrews 12:11 for us this Christmas.

I asked Kassidy if she’d like to featured in a blog post to share some tips about decorating for Christmas. So, whether you’re a seasoned interior decorator or someone like me who just needs someone to tell you exactly what to do, I hope you enjoy her tips!  

Stockings on a Mantel with Handmade Name Tags by Lotus and Lou Store in Downtown Cedar Falls

5 Must Have Tips for Decorating for Christmas from Kassidy

Holiday time is MY FAVORITE to decorate for. There can be a lot of stress to “Keep Up with the Jones” but really, it doesn’t need to be! Here are some quick and easy tips to keep in mind! 

  1. Use what you have! I love buying 1-2 things a year. Yes, that’s it! Using what I have and then adding a few new fun things each year keeps it fresh!
  2. There is no rule on how slow or how fast you grow your collection! Take your time. Invest in things you truly love and can’t live without and choose cheaper options that you like, but know may not be timeless.
  3. One of my rules is to keep a base decor theme of “Winter Wonderland”. Fun trees, snowy glitter garland, and twinkle lights are always so magical. Then pop in your Santas or Advent calendars that can be easily removed once Christmas is over. This way you still have decor that you love through February and don’t get that sad feeling taking down the seasonal decor. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for hand me downs! Have a specific mug set you love so much that brings nostalgia each time you see it?? Ask your grandma for it! I can’t stress enough: If you have something you love it is worth having out! It doesn’t matter if it isn’t 100% on trend. 
  5. In my personal opinion: Less is always more! Your entire house does not have to be plum full of the decor you can get. You know the drill–the best thing about the holiday season is who you are spending it with. Make your space cozy and inviting, not overstimulating! 

Enjoy your holiday season!! If you are around Cedar Falls, I would love for you to stop in our retail location at 317 Main Street to check us out! 

Website: www.lotusandlou.com

Instagram: @lotusandlouinteriors

Facebook: Lotus + Lou Interiors 

Collage of Christmas Decor by Lotus and Lou


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