Cedar Falls Iowa Mommy & Me Photographer | Morgan and Baby Barrett

If this session doesn’t make you long for photos with you and your baby, I don’t know what else will!

Cedar Falls Motherhood Photographer

Mother holding baby boy in Cedar Falls Iowa Prairie Field with golden lighting

I first met Morgan via Instagram through our mutual friend, Dr. Sara Cahill. You see, besides being female business women, we all had something else in common – our love for doodles. I had seen photos of Morgan with her Aussie Doodle and struck up a conversation with her. From there, I learned that her husband is serving our country abroad on a deployment and took a moment to share with her how grateful I was for her sacrifice and his service. 

Close up of mom smiling and holding baby boy and looking down at him

In case you didn’t know, in my early career, I worked as an engineer on military jets and helicopters. We lived near an Air Force base, and several of our closest friend were pilots and pilot wives. In doing life with them daily, we saw first hand the tremendous sacrifice families make for our country when their loved ones deploy. 

It wasn’t long before Morgan asked me if I would consider doing their homecoming photos when her husband Brady returned from his deployment. I had done this for a couple families in North Carolina and was excited to have the opportunity to do so for Morgan.

Mom holding 3 month old boy up in front of Cedar Falls Iowa prairie field

But her story is unlike others. You see, Morgan and Brady have a son named Barrett. However, Barrett has only met his daddy via Facetime. On the same day that Morgan and Brady found out they were expecting their first child, they also found out that Brady would deploy before the baby’s birth.

This homecoming will be a homecoming like no other. This homecoming is about a daddy meeting his baby boy for the first time. This homecoming is about a family of 3 finally becoming 3.

mom snuggling baby boy while sitting on an old milk crate with Cedar Falls Field in the background

Until then, Morgan expressed an interest in a session for her and her son Barrett. Here are their beautiful portraits from our private field in Cedar Falls.




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