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Prenatal Care in the Cedar Valley from Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, and More at Transcend

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From time to time I like to take the opportunity to tell you about some of the female owned businesses in Cedar Falls that I have come to know and appreciate. These owners have been my clients and I have also utilized their services. I tell you this because I can speak to their value from a mother’s standpoint.

front desk at transcend wellness and floatation clinic

During my four pregnancies (one was a miscarriage), I have experienced so many of the aches and pains. Honestly, with each pregnancy, they’ve gotten worse. During the span of 5 years of being pregnant and breastfeeding, I have thrown out my back 5 times, had incredible pain in my shoulders posture while nursing and have even had headaches that resulted from the tension in my shoulders due to nursing.

Sound familiar? Isn’t it amazing what we personally sacrifice for our children?

Headshot of Morgan Huls, Cedar Falls Business Owner, in prairie field wearing army green flowy dress

This is where I believe Transcend Mind-Body Wellness and Floatation Clinic in Cedar Falls can serve you well. This is clinic is owned by Morgan Huls, pictured above, who is a Cedar Valley native and mother. She has a passion for holistic care and she is certified in Functional Medicine. She knows the pains of pregnancy, the physical AND mental toll it can take, and her clinic is ready to serve you from all angles.

peaceful waiting area with natural light and couch at transcend wellness

When I asked her what she’d like Cedar Falls pregnant mothers to know about their services, here’s what she offered:

“Transcend has everything that pregnant mamas need to relax, destress, reduce pain, and more!…

Relieve your aches and pains with a relaxing massage. The massage therapists at Transcend will use special massage techniques, extra pillows, and extra special care to ensure a great experience for you at any stage of your pregnancy. 

person receiving massage at transcend wellness

Relax, destress and relieve pain with flotation therapy. While floating has a long list of benefits for all kinds of people, it is especially helpful for pain relief in pregnant women due to the feeling of weightlessness that is experienced while floating. It also helps improve sleep, boosts our immune system, and more!

floatation room and clinic with relaxing lights and shower area to prep

Reiki, or energy healing, is great for pregnant women as well. Reiki balances the Chakras (energy center) of the body, aids in deep sleep, helps relieve pain in the body, and much more.

We also offer reflexology, which has many healing properties and can be very helpful and relaxing at any stage of your pregnancy. Nikki will work with you to help heal your body and feel your absolute best.”

If you would like to learn more, please check out their website by clicking the link below!


consultation room at transcend wellness showing morgan's credentials and supplement options




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