Cedar Falls Pet Photographer | 3 Reasons to Consider Pet Photography

Outdoor and Studio Pet Photographer in Cedar Falls

Pet photography isn’t something people usually think about until it’s often too late. Even though being a Cedar Falls Pet photographer may seem like a deviation from my normal clients, it’s really not. 

wayson family chiropractor posing with tan miniature goldendoodle outdoors

My “why” for taking photos comes down to a passion for telling your family’s story in a beautiful and unforgettable way. It’s about preserving your family’s most precious memories and creating a legacy that you can tell to your children, your grandchildren, and so on. 

Sadly, our time with our pets it’s often too short and so those memories are even more important to document.

standard goldendoodle sitting for pet portraits in cedar falls studio

In a month, it’ll be two years ago that we had to put our beloved miniature Dachshund Dixie to sleep. I had received her as a gift on my 16th birthday and was grateful for the 14 years we had together. Here’s a photo of her as a puppy and me with her and our family shortly before she said goodbye. Aside from group family photos that we had informally done for our Christmas photos, we never really had a good portrait of Dixie. 

black and tan miniature dachshund puppy in her crate on a yellow blanket

mom and daughters with black and brown miniature dachshund in front of fire place

That’s why I’d like to share three reasons to consider pet photography for your family’s beloved companion.

       1. You never know how long you’ll have together. While this may seem like a really depressing answer, you never know. My aunt lost their dog after they had many years together as a family.  She reached out to me not long after and told me how she was so sad that she didn’t have a good photo of Shep and his face to remember him by. 

tan miniature goldendoodle and mini bernadoodle posing in cedar falls field

        2. They are family members. Let’s face it. It’s not uncommon for couples to get a furry companion before they have a baby. Their dog or cat IS their baby. In the same way we celebrate our children’s milestones, why wouldn’t we also celebrate our dog with a good portrait. 

Couple squatting and posing with dog

         3. The puppy/kitty phase is all too short. If you think a baby grows fast, I would argue that a puppy grows even faster. I loved working with Kaci and Jordan to create some newborn memories of their cockapoo puppy in the studio. Just like my standard sessions, it was in studio and included styling for Jordan and Kaci. Even though Koda is much bigger now, they have these photos to fondly remember his time as a puppy and from when he first joined their family. 

dog mom posing with tan cockapoo puppy at cedar falls photography studio

These are just a couple reasons to consider creating a legacy for your furry companion. They are memories worthwhile to save. If you’d like to learn more about booking a session with your furry companion or for them, please contact me here



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