Designing Pinterest Worthy Wall Galleries for Your Home by Meghan Goering Photography

Planning and installing gallery walls can be intimidating. You might find yourself asking, “What size frame is best? How do I arrange several photos into a grouping? Do I mat or not mat? What color frame corner should I choose? How far apart should I space the frames?”

We get it. All these details and decisions can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. We have custom framing covered 😊

Before your ordering appointment we ask that you use your smart phone to take a couple photos of the walls in your home that you’d like to decorate.

When you come into the studio for your ordering appoint, together we will look through your images to decide which ones you’d like to feature on your walls. We have a curated line of wooden frame corners that complements many home décor styles. If you’re unsure about what to choose, we’re happy to provide recommendations and show you what our clients love.

Remember those smart phone photos of your walls? This is where we put them to work! We will use these photos to calibrate our software and show you scaled examples of different galleries featuring your favorite images. Clients love this feature because it lets you know exactly what to expect before you order and start drilling holes in your walls. 

Speaking of drills, if you’ve followed our page on Instagram you know that Meghan is a mechanical engineer. She and her husband live by the rule, “you should never be more than 30 seconds from a tape measurer.” As part of your Signature Session, installation is included because the job isn’t done until your frames are hung.


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