3 Ways Maternity Boudoir Photos are Different than a Traditional Boudoir Session   

When expecting mothers book boudoir shoots with me, I take a very different approach than the traditional boudoir work. These maternity photography sessions uniquely celebrate the beauty of womanhood as well as the profound journey my clients are experiencing.

In contrast to sexy boudoir images, my maternity photos focus on documenting profound intimacy, encourage spousal participation, and accentuate the miracle of new life.

It’s About Capturing Intimacy rather Than Sexuality

I hesitate to label my maternity sessions as “boudoir” photography. I think that term often means that a session is about being sexy or looking a certain way. Instead, I like to think of our sessions as intimate and not intended to be sexual.

We celebrate your body’s miraculous adaptations and capabilities during this fleeting yet amazing chapter. Your stretched skin, fuller curves, and womanly figure reveal womanhood’s profound power to shelter and nurture.

Partners Play an Important Role

Often, maternity photos are all about a woman. However, I encourage expectant spouses to fully participate in maternity sessions. At Meghan Goering Photography, we believe that a boudoir maternity session is meant to be shared with your spouse or partner. This is the life that the two of you have created, and you each equally deserve to be a part of its memory. 

Partners’ presence allows us to document the awe, joy, nervousness, and affection you may both be experiencing. My goal is to craft beautiful photographic keepsakes that remind you not just of your pregnancy, but also your relationship and the anticipation you shared.

Showcasing the Pregnancy Beauty with the Right Outfit

Finally, the outfits and poses selected for my maternity photoshoots are more about accentuating your growing belly. We have several outfits, ranging from more revealing to less revealing. We encourage you to try several looks for your session.

If I talk about our most revealing wardrobe item, it is a sheer piece of tulle fabric that we can drape to cover your bust while you wear lace underwear. The objective of that piece is to focus on your belly. 

Honor Your Journey with My Custom Maternity Photo Shoot

If you or a loved one are expecting a child soon, please reach out to Meghan Goering Photography. I would be delighted to craft a custom maternity boudoir session celebrating your exceptional beauty as you stand on the edge of an incredible journey.

My photo studio offers stunning backdrops, meaningful contexts, and feminine wear options to help us document this extraordinary chapter with grace and reverence. Let’s come together to create photographic art honoring womanhood’s creative power – I look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: When should I book my boudoir maternity session?

We recommend booking your boudoir maternity session in your late first trimester, typically between weeks 29-34 of your pregnancy. This allows you to showcase your beautiful bump before getting too uncomfortable in the final weeks.

Q2: What kind of artwork is appropriate for intimate sessions?

A2: For intimate bedroom photography sessions, we recommend a frame or matted fine art album. The matted fine art album is smaller than our traditional albums and allows you to include less photos. It’s the perfect keepsake to save in your bedroom and to be reminded of the beautiful life you grew.

 Q3: What if a client is worried about posing?

Do not worry about posing. Our experienced photographer will guide you through tasteful, flattering poses that make you feel comfortable. We will never ask you to do anything you find uncomfortable.

Q4: I don’t feel all that pregnant pretty. Are you sure this is for me? –

To make you feel pregnant pretty, we have included professional hair and makeup plus a stunning wardrobe. We truly believe that you will feel like a goddess at your session. If you’re still unsure, check out this review from another mama who did one of our intimate sessions and felt like a queen


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