Why Good Professional Business Headshots are Actually Priceless

Cedar Falls Professional Headshot Photographer

residency student headshot photo at cedar falls studio

Have you ever asked yourself what you’d pay for a professional headshot?

When you first think about that question, you might tell yourself, “Come on, it’s just one photo. I could take this will my cell phone so why pay any more than $100?”

professional women's headshot of doctor from vanderloo chiropractic

Recently the Wall Street Journal published an article here titled, “The $1000 Headshot Can Really Pay Off.”

If you start to think about what a good headshot could do for you – a job promotion, being accepted to your top residency program, attracting your businesses’ ideal client – then maybe you’d reconsider and say a good headshot is actually priceless.

professional business headshot of vanderloo chiropractic doctor with clear glasses and white button down shirt

Here at our Cedar Falls studio we provide headshot services for students, individual professionals, and businesses seeking excellent headshots. We know first hand the power of a first impression to help you sell yourself or sell your business and have helped many individuals and companies do so.

professional business headshot of john deere engineer

If you had to describe a good headshot as a recipe, here’s what makes ours some of the best in the Cedar Valley:

  1. Wardrobe – What you wear plays a critical part in portraying you and your character. Do you want to come across as casual and welcoming? The tagline at Vanderloo Chiropractic is, “we treat you like family.” For that reason, I advised the doctors to take a more casual approach to their photos. They wanted to look welcoming – not stuffy. If you look on their website here, I think you’ll agree they look like a very friendly and approachable group.  No matter your industry, I will guide you in choosing the right color and outfit to match the final feel you desire.casual engineer headshot in photography studio
  2. Hair and Makeup – When you feel good about the way you look, it changes everything – the way you smile, the way you hold your shoulders high. To help you feel and look your best, our team of hair and makeup artists is here to pamper you and make sure you have one less thing to worry about. Michelle Thompson, owner of This Little Light Kindermusik Studio arrived for her headshot with straight hair. Once her hair was done, she loved the look, felt more confident, and the curls really softened the final look of her photos. And don’t worry about blemishes or scars! Ever final image that is selected goes through a final round of editing where those finishing touches – like teeth whitening, slimming, scar removal, etc – are complementary.professional kindermusik teacher headshot
  3. Authenticity – One of our past clients familiar with our work said, “Meghan, you are so good at capturing the essence of a person.” If I haven’t portrayed your true character then I’m not satisfied. I know how uncomfortable it can be to sit in front of the camera – most of us avoid it. During your session, I take the time to get to know you so that you can feel comfortable in front of the camera and then I can capture the smile that will sell you or your business over and over again.

chiropractor headshot of doctor wearing bowtie and suit

In one of the business mastermind courses I took, the instructor taught us that people need to know you, like you, and trust you before they will ever buy from you. I believe when you invest in a excellent headshot that portrays the real you, then it becomes even easier to secure the know, like, trust factor and achieve your professional goals.

doctor residency headshot in professional suit

To view more of our headshots, please click here or to inquire about your own session, submit your inquiry here


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