Transforming Spaces: An Interior Design Journey with Mix Home Mercantile in North Liberty, Iowa

Embarking on a home improvement project can be both exciting and daunting. When we decided to revamp our living room, we sought out the expertise of Megan Hanus at Mix Home Mercantile, an interior design store nestled in the heart of North Liberty, Iowa. Our mission was two-fold: create more storage and replace an outdated, lackluster fireplace. With dreams of a light, bright space infused with a French country vibe to complement our existing furniture, we eagerly dove into this transformative journey.

Discovering Mix Home Mercantile:

I had started following Megan on Instagram before we started the project. Her work at Mix Home Mercantile immediately caught our attention with her charming portfolio and Mix Home Mercantile’s reputation for delivering personalized, high-quality interior design solutions. I knew I needed an expert for this project. I was not interested in DIY, but in finding someone to guide me to 2-3 options based on a thorough understanding of my preferences. This is what our space originally looked like.

The Consultation Process:

Our journey with Mix Home Mercantile began with a thorough consultation. The design team took the time to understand our vision, lifestyle, and preferences. We expressed our desire for more storage while envisioning a space that exuded brightness and embraced the timeless charm of French country aesthetics. Part of the need for more storage came from the fact that I had so many beautiful plates from my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother that I wanted to use as part of the decor. The team at Mix Home Mercantile listened attentively, providing insightful suggestions that seamlessly blended functionality with style.

Virtual Renderings

One of the highlights of working with Mix Home Mercantile was the virtual renderings provided to us. We were able to visualize what our space would actually look like before any demolition was done. These renderings provided direction for final material selections. Here’s what the proposed design looked like:

The Built In Transformation:

For the cabinets, we hired Cabinet’s Galore in Waverly, IA. Leisa was our rep, and we felt comfortable using this store as they’d done our kitchen island renovation shortly after Covid. We had a great experience so we were excited to hire them again. Leisa was able to use Megan’s designs to find a cabinet line as close as possible to the original design. I had ordered a couple cabinet pulls on my own from Amazon, but ultimately returned them. I should have started at Cabinet’s Galore where they had samples I could take home and actually hold up to the cabinets. Sometimes it feels like DIY will be cheaper, but in the long run, I saved so much time buying with Cabinet’s Galore and the hardware was very reasonably priced. Here’s how the built in turned out.

The Fireplace Transformation:

Replacing the outdated fireplace was a significant focal point of our project. Mix Home Mercantile not only offered a selection of stunning fireplace options but also provided expert advice on choosing the right style and materials. We bought our stone from Midland Concrete in Waterloo, IA. I couldn’t have done this without Megan’s help. It’s impossible to visualize what stone will look like next to paint color and next to the the beautiful herringbone section of brick we did with a German schmear on the floor. Megan was able to find the stone at their nearby store, pair it with a paint swatch and reassure me with a photo that it would work. Seriously, working with her was worth gold! For the actual work, we hired Chase Knock at Knock Knock Tile. He is professional and by far one of the best in his industry in Cedar Falls. We cannot say enough good things about him! For the mantel, we hired Dream Homes of Cedar Falls after seeing another custom mantel they’d done. I loved the lines and the color of the woodwork. They were able to match the color of our countertops in the new built in to the color of the mantel. The installation process was seamless, and the end result exceeded our expectations. The new fireplace became the centerpiece of our living room, radiating warmth both literally and figuratively.

Creating a French Country Oasis:

Mix Home Mercantile’s commitment to creating personalized spaces was evident in every detail of our living room transformation. The French country vibe we envisioned was brought to life through carefully chosen textiles, distressed finishes, and rustic accents. The result was a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, where every piece contributed to the overall ambiance of the space. Isn’t it beautiful?!


Our experience with Mix Home Mercantile was nothing short of transformative. From the initial consultation to the final touches, the team’s dedication to understanding our vision and bringing it to life was evident. North Liberty, Iowa, might not be the first place that comes to mind for interior design, but Mix Home Mercantile has undoubtedly established itself as a beacon of creativity and expertise in the heart of the Midwest. If you find yourself in need of an interior design partner that combines style, functionality, and a personalized touch, look no further than Mix Home Mercantile – where dreams of a beautifully curated home become a reality.


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