The Best Pediatric Dentist in Cedar Falls

A pediatric dentist is an important part of your child’s health. When looking for a dentist, you want someone skilled, patient, and who can make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience for your child.

Our favorite pediatric dentist, Dr. Katy Clapham at Cedar Brook Dental Group, is the reason our daughter looks forward to going to the dentist. This is why we recommend her to all the parents in Cedar Falls.

The Importance of Finding the Right Pediatric Dentist

It’s essential to find a pediatric dentist who makes your child feel comfortable from an early age. This helps the kid learn good oral hygiene habits that they will use throughout their lives.

  • A good dentist makes sure that your child understands the procedures easily.
  • They make your child feel at ease during cleanings and treatments.
  • They should be skilled in working with young patients and proficient at turning visits into a fun, engaging experience.

The office environment also matters. An office designed just for kids, with toys and games, can help relieve anxiety about going to the dentist.

About Dr. Katy Clapham

Dr. Katy Clapham is our top choice for a pediatric dentist in Cedar Falls. She makes our daughter feel at ease and have fun while also taking care that the procedure goes well.

She received her DDS from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and has been practicing at Cedar Brook Dental Group since 2009.

Dr. Katy is a member of the American Dental Association and stays up to date on the latest techniques and technologies by attending continuing education courses every year.

As a mother of three active kids herself, she understands how to interact with children and make them feel at ease. Her friendly, genuine approach immediately puts our daughter at ease.

Our Daughter’s Experience with Dr. Katy Clapham

Our daughter had significant dental work done at a very young age, including a baby root canal. Even after these intensive procedures, she still loves going to see Dr. Katy. Her office makes you feel like family – not a client. In the kid-friendly office, there are games, books, and more to always keep her occupied.

Dr. Katy uses easy language to help my daughter feel comfortable and understand the procedure. Her calm, patient demeanor immediately puts our daughter at ease, even when more invasive work needs to be done.

Dr. Katy is also open about answering all our questions as parents to make sure we understand the procedures and aftercare. We heartily recommend Dr. Katy for all of your child’s pediatric dentistry needs.

You can contact Cedar Brook Dental Group to get an appointment with Dr. Katy Clapham by calling (319) 266-1906 or visiting the clinic at 9219 University Ave., Cedar Falls, IA.

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