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Time Slow Down

A Tribute to Motherhood

I never got to say goodbye. To be honest, I never thought I needed to. There’s a euphemism that plays through my brain like a broken record…

This is just a season. But seasons repeat…winter, spring, summer, fall (you know the tune…) 

Motherhood doesn’t repeat. 

What I once thought was a season might actually be over for good (water works anyone)? 

Precious newborn in light and airy studio being held by parents

My newborn is no longer a newborn. Goodbye chunky thighs and burp cloths. 

Remember those little indentations by their wrists? Oh those rolls…goodbye. 

little girl in light and airy studio with floral crown sitting in basket

My toddler is no longer a toddler. Goodbye tiny voice and potty seat. “I do it, Mama.” All we want is to go to the bathroom with the door closed…and suddenly…we’re alone. 

I know we’ve all been there! 

outdoor photoshoot waverly ia with little girl and sunkissed hair

My preschooler is no longer a preschooler. Goodbye animal crackers and broken crayons. We have a constant shadow and long for space. And yet…

Time, slow down. 

Mamas, time is fleeting. Who would have thought I would miss milk stained t-shirts, frozen teething rings and sweet potato puree? Certainly not me. 

Slow down. 

Time just keeps ticking. No one told me it would be like this. A beautiful, messy, almost tragic love story. My heart walking around outside of my own body, yes. BUT. I have to let my heart go? NO. 

Here’s the good news (yes, there’s good news).

dream homes owner amina begic holding baby boy

We don’t have to say goodbye yet. We can live in the moment with our kiddos. We can be in the photos (even without makeup on!). We can remember all of the moments…miniscule and monumental…the tiny fingers under the bathroom door…cutting crusts off of almond butter and jelly sandwiches…late night drives hoping a colicky baby finally falls asleep. It’s all precious, Mama. You are precious. 

cedar falls stylist owner of salon Zola with daughter in field

We crave space and yet…

we don’t want to let them go. Am I the only one in this dilemma? Something tells me I’m not. 

Motherhood is not just a moment, It is not a season.

It is our life.

There’s beauty, there’s kindness, there’s frustration and tears. It’s all there. It all counts. Don’t wish it away. Take the pictures. BE IN the pictures. 

When, you might ask. 

Well, stay tuned for Friday, February 24th when we launch our upcoming Mommy & Me Event exclusively for you and your littles. It’s an unforgettable event you won’t want to miss!  Click here to learn more about this amazing event!


mommy and daughter at cedar falls light and airy studio


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