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As a parent, one of the most enjoyable activities is when you dress your baby. The moment you see a cute little dress or piece of kid’s clothing, you can imagine what your little bundle of joy will look like after wearing it. If you are looking for a Kids’ Clothing boutique in Cedar Falls to stock up on all the stylish little clothes, Peekaboo Baby in Cedar Falls, Iowa is your haven for the most enchanting kids’ clothing and much more.

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I had the privilege of sitting down to coffee with the owner, Whitney, and she said that she wants the boutique to be a place where shoppers come to celebrate the special moments with their children — and not just babies, it’s for children of all ages.

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About Peekaboo Baby Boutique

Since its establishment in 1997 on Main Street, Cedar Falls, Peekaboo Baby has evolved into more than a shop; it’s a heartfelt celebration of childhood. This all-American, privately owned gem is dedicated to making sure your kid enjoys every moment of their childhood. Peekaboo presents a selection that reflects complete customer satisfaction, far beyond the usual “superstore” experience.

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As you step into Peekaboo, you are greeted with a smile and become an essential member of the extended Peekaboo family. Peekaboo offers toys, exquisite fabrics, intriguing educational books, and top-notch apparel, all of which are as unique as your child’s personality. Going shopping here is an exciting experience that you will enjoy.

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Peekaboo: Stylish Clothing for Your Little One

Peekaboo Baby in Cedar Falls offers an adorable collection of kids’ clothing, making sure little ones are dressed in style from infancy to toddlerhood. They have a carefully chosen collection of bodysuits, jumpsuits, bubbles, footies, hats, dresses, knotted gowns, pajama sets, and more.

A large selection of infant and children's clothing on display at Peekaboo Baby

You can see from their collection how each piece has been thoughtfully chosen to perfectly and uniquely capture the essence of childhood. Vibrant colors and adorable fabrics that please both parents and the baby are a few of the ways in which the store displays its commitment to providing premium clothing.

Little boy's shirts on display racks at Peekaboo Baby

Other Products Offered by the Cedar Falls Baby Boutique

Other than clothing, Peekaboo offers a wide variety of items that meet the different needs of both parents and little ones. From amber teething necklaces, baptism bracelets, and charming frames to facemasks, hats, hair clips, headbands, and home decor, Peekaboo stands as your one-stop destination for all things delightful and practical.

Mudpie Easter Silicone teethers for baby at Peekaboo Baby

They also have various collections, including jewelry, milestone items, multi-use covers, scrunchies, sunglasses, tights, towels, activity books, games, bath books, crib sheets, loveys, changing pad covers, gowns, jumbo quilts, milestone blankets, sleep bags (up to 36 months!), and much more.

Luxury layettes for newborns in every color imaginable at Peekaboo Baby

Amazing Collection Of Diaper Bags for Expecting Moms

For on-the-go parents, Peekaboo Baby offers a fantastic collection of diaper bags that perfectly balance style and functionality. Their diaper bag backpacks are designed for modern parents, combining trendy aesthetics with multiple compartments for easy organization.

You can find a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes according to your needs. Crafted from high-quality materials, these bags ensure durability without compromising style. With Peekaboo Baby Cedar Falls, you will find diaper bags that offer practicality and individuality mixed with style.

If you are looking for the finest in kids’ clothing and items, Peekaboo Baby is where the magic happens. Visit the store at 108 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613, and enjoy the adventure.

Checkout Counter at Peekabook Baby with communion gifts, nursery mobiles, cards, and more

Cherish Your Moments With Your Baby

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