Boudoir Maternity Photos Near Me | A Tasteful and Intimate Boudoir Experience


intimate boudoir maternity photos

Throughout my adult life, I’ve always thought it would be fun to purchase boudoir photos, but have always been a little hesitant.

I respect the work of others, but wanted something brighter and lighter. I wanted something sexy, yet tasteful.

maternity client posing for maternity boudoir photos

When Justine came to the studio, I asked her how she would feel about doing some boudoir maternity photos and she happily agreed. Justine is naturally gorgeous, but looked perfect with her flawless makeup and beach waves. In fact, she said that people often mistake her for a young Meryl Streep and I totally agree. Take a look for yourself.

boudoir photo of maternity client holding her belly and sitting on a white futon

Justine wore a lacey robe from our client wardrobe and brought along a lacey bralette and undies that she joked were from the junior’s section at Kohl’s. Who knew Kohl’s could be so fashionable?

When you live in a small town like Cedar Falls, sometimes finding the right undergarments can be hard for boudoir. However, since we are going for a more tasteful look, even Kohl’s or Target can come through. 😊

maternity client posing for intimate boudoir photos in light and airy studio wearing white bralette and lacey panties

When I asked Justine how her experience in the studio made her feel, she said that it was a real confidence boost for her. Being pregnant isn’t easy and gaining weight is no joke. I love that the images we created for her can help her to feel empowered and give her the opportunity to celebrate her body.

If you’ve been on the fence about maternity boudoir, I hope this helps you see just how beautiful and tasteful it can be.

You can learn more by contacting me here.


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