Best Newborn Sleep Training Books for New Sleep Deprived Parents

Newborns need constant care and feeding that lead to many sleepless nights for parents. Establishing a sleep routine feels impossible during this overwhelming phase. If you’re a tired new parent, don’t lose hope! There are excellent books by experts to help your baby and you sleep through the night.

Here are some top newborn sleep training books to consider:

1. On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the GIFT of Nighttime Sleep

Author: Pediatrician Robert Bucknam, M.D. (co-author Gary Ezzo)

Price: $12.99 (Paperback)

One of the bestselling newborn sleep book series, On Becoming Babywise has helped millions of families since the 1990s. It teaches parents how to naturally sync a newborn’s feeding, waketime, and nighttime cycles so babies can sleep 7-9 hour stretches by just 7-9 weeks old.

Babywise outlines an eat-wake-sleep routine that mimics babies’ natural biological rhythms. It provides a gentle plan for establishing healthy sleep habits and integrating feeding schedules. Fans love the proven techniques and structured approach.

This sleep training book covers 5 stages:
  • Stage One: Birth to 5 months – On Becoming Babywise
  • Stage Two: 5 to 12 months – On Becoming Babywise 11
  • Stage Three: 12 to 18 months – On Becoming Pretoddlerwise
  • Stage Four: 18 to 36 months –  On Becoming Toddlerwise
  • Stage Five: 36 to 84 months – On Becoming Childwise

Apart from paperback, the Babywise book is also available in three digital formats:

  • Audio MP3 files – suitable for those who use digital audio players or iTunes
  • mobi file: compatible with Kindle.
  • ePub file: perfect for Nook and Kobo ebook readers.

To buy its paperback version, visit:

2. Taking Cara Babies: Navigating Months 3 & 4

Author: Cara Dumaplin

Price: $39USD

For visual learners who prefer video instructions, the Taking Cara Babies’ e-book is a phenomenal contemporary resource. The author Cara Dumaplin is an internationally renowned baby sleep expert who combines academic research with real-life experiences.

This 50-page e-book includes sample schedules, routines, and checklists and helps you deal with the dreaded 4-month sleep regression.  She makes it easier for new or to-be parents to understand what’s coming, go through the exciting developmental stages of babies, and how they can make progress with their baby’s sleep.

This sleep training book will help you:

  • Navigate the 4-month sleep regression.
  • Wean unnecessary night feedings.
  • Encourage independent sleep.
  • Reduce night wakings.
  • Establish a flexible schedule.
  • Manage naps effectively.
  • Eliminate sleep props.

Parents appreciate her pragmatic yet warm advice for developing independent sleep skills.

To buy this e-book, visit:

3. Moms on Call Basic Baby Care 0-6 Months

Authors: Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker

Price: $26.99

Authored by two pediatric nurses, Moms on Call has become a go-to baby sleep and care manual for its clear, straightforward wisdom from medical professionals.  Recognized as the Babylist’s Best Baby Sleep Resource, this book covers newborn basics like feeding, health, safety, and of course – establishing sleep routines.

Why this sleep training book is popular among new and to-be moms?

  • Written by pediatric nurses, who are also moms
  • Discuss a trusted ‘Moms on Call Sleep System’ to help your baby and you sleep through the night
  • Covers everything you need to make the first six months easier
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding tips
  • Talks about signs that need medical attention
  • Covers nap times and practical routines

Simple schedules and checklists remove any guesswork about appropriate newborn rhythms. Parents love the trusted advice from nurses who have seen it all. Also available on Kindle, the book can also be combined with the Moms on Call online course for extra support.

To buy Moms on Call Basic Baby Care, visit

4. Precious Little Sleep

Author: Alexis Dubief

Price: $28.49

Precious Little Sleep takes a holistic approach to improving sleep for babies and toddlers through age 3. Easy to read and conversational, it features practical solutions no matter your child’s age. Readers of this book get an understanding of why babies sleep the way they do, not just how to get them sleeping through the night.

Available on Kindle, Amazon, Audible, Kobo, and other digital platforms, the Precious Little Sleep Book helps you with:

  • Understanding why your baby is up all night
  • Getting your child to nap better or at all
  • Surviving the tricky newborn phase
  • Helping your child learn to sleep better today
  • Handling early wake-ups
  • Reducing or eliminating night feedings
  • Effective strategies for getting your baby or toddler to sleep through the night

To buy Precious Little Sleep, visit:

No matter how overwhelmed you may feel by those long newborn nights right now, finding the proper guidance can be life-changing. With some time, consistency, and the right methods, you can become a well-rested family again.

All the books above have helped countless exhausted parents transform fussy, inconsistent infant sleepers into great little night-time soothers and self-soothers. Their techniques allow babies to get the sleep they need while ensuring parents can properly recharge themselves.

If you’re struggling through those bleary-eyed newborn days and nights, try these sleep training books.


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