Hi there, i’m meghan, and i’d like to tell you a story.

As a child, I was always the large kid. I was unpopular. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Kids called me chubby and my family said I was “big boned”. 

One day my mother told me that I’d be happier if I’d just lose five pounds. Was this true? As the years passed, I heard her suggestion echoing over and over…and over. She meant well. She struggled with her weight too, and she didn’t want me to deal with the pain of having to lose weight in the future. What was meant for love, ended up teaching me three powerful and destructive lies: that I’d never be happy, beautiful, or loved until I was skinny. 

Despite the power of these lies, God, in His perfect mercy and grace, helped me to lose the weight. He also led me to a man who loves me as with a pure and lasting love. This is not the end of the story. Even though I lost weight and was shown love, I still struggled with my self-esteem.

And then…
It was our wedding day.

My hair was perfect, my makeup was flawless, and an exquisite Anne Barge dress hugged my frame. For the first time in my life I felt beautiful…and more importantly, I believed it. It was an unforgettable memory that I will treasure always.

In June of 2018, I had a similar experience getting ready for a friend’s wedding. At that time, I was 4 months postpartum from our second daughter. The weight did not come off as quickly as I’d hoped and I was struggling to feel beautiful. Motherhood has a way of doing that to you – you smell like breastmilk, you’re lucky to brush your teeth before 2PM, and forget about a shower. I was putting on makeup and wearing a pretty pink dress, and I had that feeling again. Most of the time I did not feel pretty…but when I took time for myself, something shifted. Putting on makeup and that pink dress helped me rediscover the beauty that was there all along.

The picture shown here tells a similar story. As a mom, it can be intimidating to get in front of the camera. Sometimes we feel that unless we’re perfect, we shouldn’t be in a photo. I was excited to get dressed up but I was nervous about the final results. Part of my mission as a photographer is to help mothers and families feel confident in front of the camera. This is one of the reasons I offer a client wardrobe, styling services, and makeup. You are beautiful, no matter what, and you have every reason to glow at your session. I feel beautiful in my photo, and I want you to embrace that same feeling. Together, let’s unveil your beauty. 

This is just a snapshot into my life’s story…What story can I tell for you?

– meghan

Meghan Goering in her Cedar Falls Photography Studio


“Meghan, I keep looking at these pictures. They are beyond beautiful and I can’t thank you enough. You are amazingly talented, a wonderful mommy, and a Christ loving young lady! I mean it when I say I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE BEAUTIFUL than in your photos.”

-Colleen Baldus

Are we the Perfect fit?

You’re Sentimental

Photos are a reflection of your story and who you are. As a sentimental person too, I want you to experience an emotional reaction reliving your photos (Dads get emotional too!). It is such an honor to capture the moments that bring you laughter, tears of joy, and the warmth of love again and again.

Are we the Perfect fit?

You love candid moments

Some of the most beautiful photos are the organic, unscripted snapshots, glimpses into your actual life. During your session there will be laughter, storytelling, and the unique things that make you, you. We can also venture into some posed styles, but candid styles tend to be where your heart is.
newborn baby girl on changing pad in front of wall gallery

Are we the Perfect fit?

you appreciate simplicity

I am a natural light photographer and offer a pure and simple look that features soft feminine colors. However, there’s no pressure for you to achieve a specific look. I enjoy providing styling recommendations complete with unlimited access to beautiful dresses and outfits that have been carefully selected to enhance your session.

Are we the Perfect fit?

you trust me

If this sounds like you and what you are looking for, I believe we’d be a great fit. I will treat your session and your story with as much passion and care as my own. I’m thrilled to share in this experience with you.





the reason

why i became a family, newborn, and High School senior photographer

As far back as I can remember, photos have been a part of my family’s language. My mom filled every hallway, bookshelf, and end table with collages of both candid and professional portraits. After 30 years, I find myself lingering in front of her walls, smiling and remembering those moments. What moments bring you joy? Eventually our Facebook photos are scrolled through and forgotten. Instagram feeds seem to become irrelevant with each new post. How quickly we forget. 

Social media won’t last forever, but your memories can. My desire is to help families preserve their stories in a meaningful way. Moments with your children are too precious to fade into the sea of likes, comments, feeds and filters. No moment is too miniscule. My mission and joy is to help families preserve their legacy for a lifetime. Let’s capture your moments and create something that will inspire you, your children, and your future grandchildren for a lifetime.